Chain Belt - «The Scarlet Flower»

«The Scarlet Flower» painting
Chain Belt
115 $
115 $

  • Total length 1100 mm, measurements of key decorative elements 110х80 mm, weight 162 g
  • Materials: top-quality wood, premium-class paints and varnishes, natural coral
  • Fittings: lobster clasp and chain made of precious metal coated hypoallergenic alloys
  • Painted by: Svetlana Semerikova
  • Type of pattern: ‘The Scarlet Flower’

Chain Belt

Model features

This unique LADA&LIZA accessory with a 3D handmade decor in the form of stylized flowers will accentuate your waist and add special charm to a casual outfit or an evening dress. The belt is inspired by the Russian folk tale ‘The Scarlet Flower’. The vibrant color scheme using coral shades and the metal chain with precious plating add a modern, trendy touch to this piece. The belt is completed by a decorative Firebird feather with a natural coral bead.

The item comes in a designer box.


The decorative elements of the belt are made of top-quality solid wood in strict compliance with the traditions of Khokhloma gilding. The ancient technology provides a unique golden surface on which the painting is made.


As the product is hand painted by an Honored Artist of Russia, each new belt differs from the previous ones in its details.

Product parameters: общая длина 1100 мм, размер основных декоративных элементов 110х80 мм, вес 162 г
Materials: дерево высшего качества, премиальные краски и лаки, натуральный коралл
Furniture: замок-карабин и цепочка из гипоаллергенных сплавов с драгоценным покрытием
Painting name: «The Scarlet Flower»
Painting author: Светлана Семерикова

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