‘Five Pyramids’ Bracelet - «The Scarlet Flower»

«The Scarlet Flower» painting
‘Five Pyramids’ Bracelet
161 €

  • Leather base: measurements: 238х29 mm, fasteners: 5. Compatible with a pyramid-shaped decor with any type of painting. Not compatible with round-, hemispere- and dome-shaped snaps
  • Decor: pyramid-shaped, measurements: 20х20х15 mm, quantity: 5. Compatible with 5-snap leather bases. Not compatible with 3- and 4-snap bases
  • Bracelet weight: 40 g
  • Materials: genuine leather, top-quality wood, premium-class paints and varnishes
  • Painted by: Svetlana Semerikova
  • Type of painting: ‘The Scarlet Flower’

‘Five Pyramids’ Bracelet
Innovative design

LADA&LIZA presents an innovative solution: a build-your-own bracelet, the design of which is created based on your preferences. For this, you need to purchase a base made of top-quality genuine leather and choose a unique removable decor with a designer painting attached to the bracelet using snap fasteners.

The brand’s new collection includes a wide selection of leather colors and over 40 design types of handmade miniature decorative elements in the shape of pyramids, domes, hemispheres or circles. The decor is offered in sets of 3, 4 or 5 pieces. Thus, purchasing additional sets of painted elements and a leather base, you can create many different combinations depending on the chosen style, wardrobe type or simply your mood.

Decor types for bracelets

Each of the 5 product lines of the new LADA&LIZA collection presents 4 sets of decorative elements classified by shape: a set of 3 round snaps, a set of 4 dome-shaped snaps, a set of 4 hemisphere-shaped snaps, and a set of 5 pyramid-shaped snaps. Each line and each set is distinguished by its unique designer painting. Choose any design for your set!

Model features

You can purchase a ready-made version of the bracelet created by a professional designer. For example, this model with a 5-pyramid decor on silver leather.

The lavish painting adorning wooden elements is inspired by the Russian folk tale ‘The Scarlet Flower’. The painting combines floral and geometric patterns resembling ornaments from Russian tsar palaces. The noble palette, including coral, deep blue, dark green and burgundy, is enriched with traditional Khokhloma gold.

The bracelet will take its rightful place in your collection of accessories and add a brilliant touch to your look. Moreover, it will make a perfect match with a V-shaped necklace from ‘The Scarlet Flower’ line, with elements of these two pieces being interchangeable. The item comes in a designer box.


The decorative elements are made of top-quality solid wood in strict compliance with the traditions of Khokhloma gilding. The ancient technology allows to obtain a unique golden surface onto which the painting is applied.

The leather of the base curried in a special way as well as decorative elements coated with premium varnish will keep the product in its original condition for a long time — the bracelet will bring you many years of joy.


Personalize your bracelet with removable decorative elements painted by Honored Artists of Russia. As each element is hand painted, it differs from the previous one in its details.

Leather base:: размер 238х29 мм, количество креплений – 5 шт. Совместима с декором в виде пирамид с любым видом росписи. Не совместима с кнопками в виде кругов, полусфер и куполов
Decorative elements:: форма пирамиды, размер 20х20х15 мм, количество – 5 шт. Совместим с кожаными основами на 5 кнопок. Не совместим с основами на 3 и 4 кнопки
Bracelet weight:: 40 г
Materials: натуральная кожа, древесина высшего качества, премиальные краски и лаки
Painting name: «The Scarlet Flower»
Painting author: Светлана Семерикова

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