‘Drum’ Bag - «Snow-maiden»

«Snow-maiden» painting
‘Drum’ Bag
504 €
ID. 8707 С2

  • Weight 815 g, dimensions 180х180 mm
  • Materials: top-quality wood, premium-class paints and varnishes, 100% silk and flocking fibers
  • Fittings: closure and chain made of precious metal plated hypoallergenic alloys. Chain length: 1100 mm
  • Painted by: Nelya Ushakova
  • Type of pattern: ‘The Snow Maiden’

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‘Drum’ Bag

Model features

The elegant design of this LADA&LIZA bag is based the plot of the Russian folk tale ‘The Snow Maiden’. The unique designer painting combines traditional Slavic images: birch trees, a Khorovod of beauties dancing around Yarilo, an ancient god of Sun that fills life with joy and symbolizes the waking up of nature. The bag is distinguished by a unique shape with a 3D effect and a contrasting color scheme based on a frosty blue shade with hot gold and coral-burgundy accents. Facet-cut chain strap with precious plating is decorated with sun- and girl-shaped wooden figures hand painted with miniatures.

The product comes in an exquisite velvet pouch and a designer box.


The clutch bag is made of top-quality wood according to the traditional Khokhloma technology allowing to obtain a unique golden surface. The painting is hand made by an Honored Artist of Russia — this ensures that each new product is different from the previous one and makes a true work of art in a single copy. The exclusivity of the clutch is evidenced by the author’s signature.


The accessory is created with great attention to detail. Inside the bag, you will find a delicate printed silk lining matching the main pattern and a compliment in the form of a matryoshka keychain, which is also made in compliance with all stages of the famous Khokhloma gilding. At the client’s request, the product can be personalized: a special label with the name of the owner or a wish in any language is attached on the inside, making the accessory a priceless family artifact that can be passed down through generations.

Product parameters: Вес 815 г, размер 180х180 мм
Materials: дерево высшего качества, премиальные краски и лаки, 100% шелк и флоковое напыление
Furniture: замок и цепочка из гипоаллергенных сплавов с напылением драгоценных металлов. Длина цепи 1100 мм
Painting name: «Snow-maiden»
Painting author: Нэля Ушакова

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