‘Pink Dowel’ Bag - «Hermitage»

«Hermitage» painting
‘Pink Dowel’ Bag
550 €
  • Weight 750 g, dimensions 217*231*80 mm
  • Materials: top-quality wood, premium-class paints and varnishes, 100% silk and flocking, natural coral
  • Fittings: clasp and chain made of precious metal plated hypoallergenic alloys. Chain length: 1100 mm
  • Type of painting: ‘Hermitage’
  • Painter: Valentina Shvetsova
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Model features

A luxurious rounded bag with a one-piece handle complemented by premium precious metal plated fittings and decorated with flowers. The stylized ornament is the hottest new trend again, and the traditional composition is associated with the highest quality. The rich color palette and the color contracts add elegance to the accessories, and the voluminous vintage angel-shaped elements seem to take us to a different era. Additional voluminous painted elements fill the composition like jewels and make a perfect combination with the famous Khokhloma gold, which is present in all LADA & LIZA branded products.


The bag is made of top-quality wood according to the traditional Khokhloma technology allowing to obtain a unique golden surface. The painting is hand made by an Honored Artist of Russia — this ensures that each new product is different from the previous one and makes a true work of art in a single copy. The exclusivity of the bag is evidenced by the author’s signature.


The accessory is created with great attention to detail. Inside the bag, you will find a delicate printed silk lining and a compliment in the form of a matryoshka keychain, which is also made in compliance with all stages of the famous Khokhloma gilding. The keychain is decorated with a natural coral. At the client’s request, the product can be personalized: a special label with the name of the owner or a wish in any language is attached on the inside, making the accessory a priceless family artifact that can be passed down through generations.

Painting name: «Hermitage»
Painting author: Валентина Швецова

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