Коллекция аксессуаров «Сказки для LIZA&ELIZA»

«Fairy tales for Liza&Eliza» collection
«Fairy tales for Liza&Eliza» collection
A collection of unique handmade accessories inspired by images and motifs of famous Russian fairy tales.
«Fairy tales for Liza&Eliza» collection
«Fairy tales for Liza&Eliza» collection
A collection of unique handmade accessories inspired by images and motifs of famous Russian fairy tales.
«Fairy tales for Liza&Eliza» collection
«Fairy tales for Liza&Eliza» collection
A collection of unique handmade accessories inspired by images and motifs of famous Russian fairy tales.

Collection «Fairy tales for Liza&Eliza»

Inspiration Source

It was no coincidence the idea to create a collection based on Russian fairy tales arose. Every mother instills a rich imagination, faith in good and evil into her child starting from the very cradle through telling fantastic stories with traditional plots. Russian tales are special: they tell about the beauty of nature, about the boundlessness of the Russian soul. Their core message is faith in miracles. Perhaps this is the thing that gives them power and immortality. And it is the magic of colors and the fabulous plot that prompts you to admire the prints and products of the LADA&LIZA Fashion House.

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Collection Idea

For thousands of years, fairy tales have lived and for thousands of years there have been people who kept their secrets. So did the creations coming from the hands of those people: times have changed, styles have changed, forms are being varied, but the deep love and devotion to the heritage of our history and culture has remained unchanged. The key task of our first collection is to preserve the centuries-old technology of wood gilding and the techniques of Khokhloma painting, carefully transmitted from generation to generation, from mother to daughter. The artistic techniques used in the paintings most characteristically reflect the “Russianness” of our products. We used fashionable color combinations in conjunction with elements of Slavic ornamental script and the “kudrina” technique, giving an absolutely new look to fabulous images. Neither the Scarlet Flower, nor the Little Humpbacked Horse, nor the Wondrous Squirrel, nor the Golden Cockerel, nor the Snow Maiden have ever been so masterfully interpreted.

Articles Design

The collection comprises five prints based on the famous fairy tales: “The Tale of the Golden Cockerel” and “The Tale of Tsar Saltan” by Alexander Pushkin, “The Little Humpbacked Horse” by Pyotr Yershov, “The Little Scarlet Flower” by Sergey Aksakov and the Russian folk tale “The Snow Maiden”.

The bold and fashionable aura of color and traditional Khokhloma will allow you to feel the oriental touch in ”The Golden Cockerel” neckerchief print. In the composition of “The Tale of Tsar Saltan” contrasting colors are originally mixed, various semantic fragments are fit together in a way of mosaic. State-of-the-art geometry and recognizable Russian style are embedded in the pattern of “The Little Humpbacked Horse". "The Little Scarlet Flower" print is built on the principle of floral ornaments that covered the walls in tsars' palaces. And, of course, the Snow Maiden's dance in a round is attracting particular attention as it incorporates all the fashion trends of the season.

Exclusively for You

The collection “Tales for LIZA&ELIZA” is bright and lush. Gorgeous patterns catch your eye and cannot leave you indifferent. The work of authorship and the limited format emphasize the exclusivity and originality of each product created especially for you.



The collection of accessories “Tales for LIZA&ELIZA” includes 39 handbags with a unique design. We have developed several options for the original shapes that look completely distinct with each of the 5 types of ornaments—and each option looks gorgeously. You will be amazed by the silhouettes of a dome, graceful swan, sun and flower. Even the classic evening accessory, clutch, has an exclusive, identifiable silhouette.

The minaudières are made manually, in compliance with all technological stages of traditional Khokhloma. They are painted on a unique golden background by honored artists of the Russian Federation and masters of folk art crafts—therefore, each handbag is individual.

The articles are equipped with high-quality fittings with silver and gold plating. They are particularly reliable, robust and easy to use. Inside the accessory has a delicate silk lining with a print that reproduces the main pattern and a compliment in the form of an elegant keychain-matryoshka decorated with a natural stone.



In our online store you will find scarves made of 100% silk with manual hemming, manufactured in a limited edition. You will love to wear them at any time of the year. Due to the high density of the fabric, our products will warm you in cold weather, and in summer natural silk will give you a pleasant coolness.

For the LADA&LIZA collection, 5 exclusive prints have been designed inspired by Russian fairy tales—striking and peerless, they will take a special place in the outfit of every woman. Products are sold in a gift box made of natural wood using the traditional Khokhloma painting technique.

A great addition to the scarves from the LADA&LIZA Fashion House would be light wooden rings with an unusual design; they will enable you to create classic and fantasy fichus. Rings are presented in three forms and in 5 types of painting—a total of 15 models in the collection.



Undoubtedly, the collection is crowned with a group of jewelry. Creating it, we applied completely new ideas and approaches. Thus, superb brooches have a solemn aristocratic design, complemented by luxury satin ribbons with shimmering lurex threads. Just look at magnificent earrings, necklaces and charms, which are distinguished by strict geometry and exuberant paintings inspired by Russian fairy tales. Massive round bracelets, despite their large shape, are actually weightless and emphasize the grace of a female hand. Belts on a chain will perfectly complement a luxurious evening in a cocktail dress.

Brand's innovation—unique necklaces and bracelets made on the basis of genuine high-quality leather. This is an intricate mosaic from which you can assemble an ornament to your taste. They consist of a leather base and removable decorative elements that are attached by snap buttons. Choose the color of a leather bracelet that suits you and your individual combination of decor from more than 40 elements.

Miniature painting encourages to admire even the smallest details of jewelry. And the fashion trends factored into the products make them relevant and in demand. We use only reliable premium accessories, cabochons and crystals, as well as natural corals, pearls and stones—aquamarine, chrysoprase, blue agate—revealing their best properties in jewelry from the LADA&LIZA Fashion House.