Traditional technology only.
First, the artist creates a sketch on paper, then manually transfers it to the product, precisely following all the original stages of Khokhloma painting: priming, oil polishing, tinning, baking, painting and varnishing. This is the only way to get the famous golden shine of Khokhloma. Even in the same line, the patterns are different from each other: the artist writes by hand, so each article is exclusive.

1. Creating a form

The creation of a new accessory begins with the selection of wood, from which the craftsman cuts out the workpiece for the future product. To do this, he uses modern carpentry equipment. Then he polishes and refines the shape until it takes the needed form.

2. Priming

The wooden workpiece is covered with a layer of primer so that paints could lay smoothly and keep their brightness over time. The primer is made of special clay, and therefore has a rich terracotta color. At the end of the priming procedure the surface of the product is carefully polished and brought to perfection.

3. Oil-Polishing

At the third stage, the details of the future accessory are covered with several layers of drying oil - a special compound based on boiled linseed oil. This is done by hand according to the ancient tradition with the help of special tampons made of calfskin.

4. Tinning

Aluminum powder is rubbed into the surface of the product, what makes the accessory look silver. The task of the craftsman is to ensure that the silver layer is solid and very thin as well.

5. Baking

At this stage, the real magic happens. Another layer of drying oil is applied to the product, and then the future bag is baked in the oven. This is the secret of Khokhloma: after baking, the silver details become golden.

6. Painting

Now we need to breathe the soul into the accessory. Each product has its own character. This is achieved by the fact that Khokhloma artists paint the bags by hand. They use the finest homemade brushes and premium paints.

7. Varnishing

The painted bag is covered with four layers of varnish. Thanks to this, the product glitters and sparkles, and the colors remain bright for many decades. The accessory is then hardened at a temperature of 130 degrees Celsius.

8. Interior decoration

The bag is lined with flock and 100% silk to make it look perfect not only on the outside but also inside. The print of the lining repeats the painting on the surface of the product.

9. Accessories

At the final stage, all the elements of a bag are brought together: precious metals, decorative elements and brand symbols of LADA&LIZA are attached to the bag.

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Brand’s concept
Brand’s concept
LADA&LIZA - a Russian Fashion House, offering women unique accessories and jewelry made with soul and in dialogue with ancient Russian traditions.
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LADA & LIZA accessories are made not in large quantities, but in limited collections. Each of the items is unique and created manually by design sketches.
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Our team
Our team
Our products are made in the very heart of Khokhloma. 30 honored artists of the Russian Federation are engaged in their painting. Each of them creates its own pattern, and the ornament is always different. In essence, artists and stylists develop capsule collections that are never repeated.
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